The Enormity of the Tragedy

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There is a slapstick- EPUBcomedy style dirty joke running through Quim Monzo's intriguing book 'The Enormity of The Tragedy". The Enormity of the Tragedy EPUB EBook Ramon-Maria, a trumpeter, finally hits lucky with Maria-Eugenia, sex-goddess star of the theatre show where he works. Alas on the first night a combination of over-thinking and booze mean he can't perform. He stares at his limp penis wishing it were different. And next morning it is. Ramon-Maria is erect and ready to make love. He performs faultlessly. He performs again immediately. And again and again.In the bedroom, the hallway, the streets, theatres, and even in the hallowed Camp Nou, Ramon-Maria embarks on a marathon tour-cum-orgy around every nook and cranny of Barcelona - they do it so often it is Maria-Eugenia who has to beg for him to stop. But he can't, for like Priapus the Greek fertility god, Ramon-Maria's erection is permanent. In contrast to the first flaccid beginnings of his sex life with Maria-Eugenia, Ramon-Maria can't get his erection to fall - no matter what he thinks, no matter what he does. And in the midst of the joke, the detail about the challenges of getting his erect member to allow him to pee or simply walk the streets without scandalising the populace, Quim Monzo begins to shift the novel firmly into 'be careful what you wish for' territory! For while permanent erection might be nothing unusual among Greek gods, here it is the portent of tragedy to come for Ramon-Maria.

Alongside the story of coming to terms with an indefatigably erect penis, Ramon-Maria is also in the sights of his 15 year-old step-daughter Anna-Francesca for very different reasons. Embittered and bewildered by her late mothers choice of Ramon-Maria as a husband, Anna-Francesca cannot tolerate how she has been fated by her mothers death to live in the crumbling mansion her mother left with a man she detests so completely. And she decides to do something about it by resolving to kill him first chance she gets.

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