The Elves And The Shoemaker

EPUB EBook by Freya Littledale

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Excellent children's story about a cobbler and his wife who suddenly became very very poor. The Elves And The Shoemaker EPUB EBook All they had left to their name was a piece of leather so before retiring for the evening the old gentleman cut out a pair of men's shoes. In the morning the shoes were perfect to boot!!! A gentleman came in and bought the pair enabling the cobbler and his wife to purchase more leather. As the story goes the elves return each and every night until the old cobbler and his wife become rich at which time they feel it is time for a repayment to the elves for their kindness. The wife makes each a suit of clothes and the cobbler makes some shoes. Guess what happens next??? Purchase the book and you will see a subperb ending!!! Like this book? Read online this: Death Takes a Wife A Short Story Anthology, A Shoemaker's Story.

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