The Dream Holiday Book

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The Dream Holiday Book

Is this the best story you will ever read?

How can one persons dream holiday turn into your dream
reality. The Dream Holiday Book EPUB EBook..You hold it all here in your hands!

Follow Zoe deep into the heart of Africa as she chases
all her heart’s wants, needs and desires. This is a story of
how to uncover the secrets to life, all its wealth, health and
happiness by simply understanding the world in which we
live and our very own connection to it.
Through a series of unfolding events perhaps once considered
coincidence, a new pathway opens up to guide Zoe but as
each so called coincidence appears it begins to reveal it’s
true identity.
Open this book to begin your very own voyage of discovery,
the twist is, if you do make it to the end expect to come face
to face with the realisation that all your own dreams are
about to come true!

A contemporary novel by Zoe Scott- EPUBJones.

The story suggests dreams hold far more potential than we would first consider. As our dreams are an outlet for our subconscious mind they are a living, feeling visualisation with a highly potent connection and as dreams are unhampered by the doubts of conscious thoughts they are drawing to us hidden desires by the law of attraction.

A contempory novel about the Law of Attraction in action.

Zoe Scott-Jones is the pen name for a mystery author claiming the purpose of the book is to offer the world a way to live more spiritually by introducing the law of attraction in action in the form of a novel that is fun to read and full of components people can relate to.

This book was inspired by true events.

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