The Disposition of Ashes

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The Ulmeniran army is on the march for home, and with it rides Herfod, the mortal avatar of an inscrutable god who has defied the comprehension of the pantheon for aeons beyond count. The Disposition of Ashes EPUB EBook Ufrid, uncrowned king of Ulmenir, is well aware of what he takes to bed each night, but it hasn’t been easy, and life isn’t getting easier.

His brother has returned from travels afar with a god in tow, a satyr who may well know who and what Herfod is. Worse yet, there is a secret watcher in the heavens, and he seems disapproving of the current path Herfod has chosen to take in life. (Second Edition. Content warning: Adult fiction. This novel is the eighth in The Soulstone Chronicles. ) Like this book? Read online this: Life (10 years Later: an expanded edition of Life's Classic Book, Vol 8, No. 5), Choosing a New Organization for Management and Disposition of Commercial and Defense High-Level Radioactive Materials.

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