The Declassified Adoptee

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Amanda H. The Declassified Adoptee EPUB EBookL. Transue- EPUBWoolston is an adult adoptee, social worker, author, and speaker. She debuted in the adoption activism community as a blogger whose writing processed both her personal and political experience of being adopted. Throughout this book, readers bear witness to key moments in the unfolding of an adoptee from a quiet contemplator to an outspoken advocate for the rights of adoptees and their loved ones.

"The Declassified Adoptee Essays of an Adoption Activist" offers a wide collection of writings that were highlighted as significant by readers. These essays have been read on the floors of adoption hearings, mailed by adoptees to family members to expand their understanding of being adopted, and sent to adoption agencies to encourage greater availability of post-adoption support. By addressing adoption through brief essays, the book provides an avenue through which readers can begin to metabolize some of the tougher concepts in adoption. Like this book? Read online this: Adoption, The Declassified Eisenhower.

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