The Deadly Dungeon (A to Z Mysteries, #4)

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The Deadly Dungeon : by Ron Roy
This is a good book talks about three guys and a adult the names of the guys are :Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose they go to a few holidays to the house of an uncle its that is close to the beach they are traveling in a bus together with an adult who takes care of them the name of its uncle is wallis they are anxious for coming and knowing how the beach is the place where they are going to live when they come to the place before they come to the house of its uncle he(she) waits for them in a jeep to take its baggage and to the boys when they come to the house Ruth Rose is surprised because it is a very big house and very close to the beach Danke this one said better that and acquaintance and Josh said this house it is never a mansion imajine that was going to live in place like this one, the boys were very satisfied for the house of its uncle when they looked at its uncle were very happy,Uncle Wallis gave them welcome and les showed their avitan when they looked at the rooms looked were very large had plenty of space to be able to play, skip, or what they wanted to do his uncle was a very good person. The Deadly Dungeon (A to Z Mysteries, #4) EPUB EBook That same day the boys were with Wallis to the beach to take a bit of sun carried with them a little food- EPUBproduct shipments climbed , you must taste and water biscuits and some candies near the beach was a tunnel where the water ran and Danke asked to Wallis what it was that was beyond Wallis could not say much about the tunnel .When the Sun started to be night Wallis told the guys they had to return to house the boys because they were eager to return to the mansion of his uncle Wallis when did they come back home Wallis asked if they wanted to have something for dinner and they said that if Wallis prepared lobters when they stopped having dinner they went to sleep to the following day got up much early and Danke was sick with its stomach Wallis asked because it was sick? Danke was thinking that perhaps the dinner was not very delightful and that a little the feel bad .That same day when Danke went to the beach again and on the beach found a person that was in a boat which was fishing fish the guys asked him what I was doing ? And they also asked that if they showed how fish lodsters he said that if that could help them and how to fish lodsters When finished fishing lodsters returned home and showed the lodster to Wallis and said if they wanted go to explore the trees he had near the House in which Wallis makes the lodster, this time Danke said that he does not was very safe to eat lodsters.The next day the boys went to the beach to swim a while after a while of malfunction swam Josh said that he wanted to go to the tunnel that I look at the first day when they were about to enter the tunnel Dankewas very scared he did not want to enter because it was too dark Ruth Rose was very determined to enter the tunnel Josh said "we're going do not be afraid When finally entered the tunnel Josh found a light I could then see that what was he had in the tunnel but found nothing at the beginning after walking for a while decided to return home and go back the next day but when they returned to the House they spoke nothing about what had passed in the tunnel with Wallis the next day they returned to the tunnel and walked by more time when more walked the water rose more on legs Ruth Rose said this is not a good idea, but Josh was very decided to enter and know that he had in there was what when they saw that there was a cage with parrotsWhat they were looking at was like a secret because I did not say anything about the tunnel to Wallis but they wanted to rescue parrots of these cages because they knew that this was not a good idea they thought that Wallis had something to do with the parrots because when they asked to Wallis, which was what I had in that tunnel Wallis didn't say much about the tunnel then the guys thought that Wallis was responsible for that they were then liberated the parrots the led still place where were liberated and then the guys realized that Waliis was the one which had to those parrots in those cages after accusing his own uncle of having those parrots which was supposed to sell that was a very bad idea.

Honestly this book is good but the truth I was not much contact because I hardly gave me an idea of what was happening and therefore this good book and I liked it but it's a good story. Talks about how to treat people that surround us though it hurts we hurt them but we have to do the right things asWallis that his own nephew discovered things that the toward.

This book talks about three guys who are visiting his uncle and his house is near the Beach House of his uncle is a mansion, the kids are on vacation but then found something strange on the beach is a tunnel that there are a few parrots that then help liberated thembook gives to understand that you sometimes must save animals from something bad like for example do not mistreat animals.

Sometimes one does not believe that our friends or family can hurt us, but the truth is that they do not to hurt us they do this to try to help us and do good and as the guys did something bad to his uncle Wallis.

I would recommend this book all people and who like reading short stories and because they are good stories not to be boring we can read this type of book. Like this book? Read online this: The Tunnel Behind the Waterfall (The Magician's House Quartet, #3), Daisies, Deadly Force, and Disastrous Divorce Disputes (Deadly Landscaping, #3).

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