The Dead Room (Darby McCormick #3)

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As a Crime novel I thought that this was a cut above others that I have read recently for a number of reasons, and yet there was something about it that just failed to make me go crazy over it. The Dead Room (Darby McCormick #3) EPUB EBook

Darby was a strong character and yet - EPUB unlike some other long standing Detective series - she didn't dominate the novel with her theories, observations and thoughts. She was a subtle voice which led us through, and yet she was established to us as the Leading character. Very clever writing.

The constant interweaving of old and new cases and the witnesses and victims with criminals and police could have been really confusing, but for the most part, I managed to follow.Where I struggled was the amount of characters and the variations of their names.Policemen who had criminal names and then nicknames appointed to them by other characters throughout the book... I had to keep flicking back to clear their names up in my mind.
The pacing was brilliant, considering it is a substantial book, the plotline was always progressing and developing, and yet nothing felt rushed and most aspects were explained.

The only thing that I would class as a negative was the FBI/Police corruption.I felt that it was too big and therefore bordered on unbelievable.That everyone in the FBI and lots of the Boston PD were not only corrupted in the 70s and 80s but still remained in seats of power just felt a bit too much. Could there have been local Police who were corrupted? Yes. And could the criminals have originally been FBI agents? Yes. But there didn't still need to be this wide spreading corruption thirty years later.

Still, I read it in a day and would definitely read more! Like this book? Read online this: Don't Make Me Read Your Mind Matt Roberts ... Because I So Totally Can!!, Killer Listing (Darby Farr, #2).

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