The Crabapple Tree

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This happened here in our town. The Crabapple Tree EPUB EBook A friend of mine—we were on the cheerleading team together—married a local farmer, and right away they wanted to have a baby, though the doctor said she shouldn’t. She was a bleeder, he said, and if she started he might not be able to stop it. But she didn’t listen. She went ahead and got pregnant, then bled to death during childbirth and was buried out by the farmhouse, under a crabapple tree. It was very sad. I cried for a week. But the baby survived, a pretty little boy; download; his dad called him Dickie- EPUBboy, but I don’t know if that was his real name. Like this book? Read online this: Baby of Mine, Bones! (Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 13: Tree Tops: More Stories A).

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