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Harriet picked out The Costume Copycat by Maryann MacDonald because she liked the picture of the younger sister in her fairy princess costume. The Costume Copycat EPUB EBook It was also getting close to Halloween at the time so costumes were on her mind.

The story's about sibling rivalry and how children vie for attention from adults. In this case, the older sister is the one who usually has everyone's attention. Her younger sister tries to get the same praise her sister got the year before by wearing big sister's costumes. Eventually though things come to a head when the older sister gets sick on Halloween and the younger sister is left to make up her own costume.

I have mentioned before my children's fascination with Halloween books. This particular book, while cute for the initial read didn't make it into the "re- EPUBread" stack. Harriet, as the second child, didn't relate to the main character. She is far more out going than her older brother and so usually steals the spotlight from him! Like this book? Read online this: The Big Sister - Part I (The Big Sister, #1), Costume.

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