The Control Freak

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I read through this quickly at a bookstore. The Control Freak EPUB EBook It's easy to read and very accessible, and the descriptions of control freak behavior — broken into categories, illustrated with examples, and identifiable with checklists — are excellent. I also appreciate how Parrott shows the diverse, context- EPUBspecific ways control freak behavior can manifest, with separate chapters like spouse, boss, parent, etc. However, the book has two major flaws. First, Parrott does not contextualize control break behavior in a system broader than the individual's own personal history. He fails to acknowledge the relationships between control freak behavior and male power — this is especially clear in the "Supervising Spouse" chapter, where he gives examples of domineering husbands but never makes a link to patriarchy and misogyny — nor does he recognize the connection between controlling behavior and abuse. Second, his advice for dealing with control freaks is rather lacking. He suggests that the victim — that is, the person being controlled — is partially responsible for the behavior of the control freak and offers strategies that will only work if the control freak him/herself is actually willing to change. Overall an interesting read for anyone familiar with control freaks, but you should turn somewhere else if you're looking for stronger analysis and more helpful solutions. Like this book? Read online this: Control Series (Control, #1-4), Le Freak.

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