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Giddens is an exceptionally intriguing writer, and his resolution of structure and agency reminds me a great deal of Bourdieu and his habitus. The Constitution of Society EPUB EBook He lays down his theory with clarity and rigor, referring to the giants of social sciences past— Marx, Parsons, Althusser— neither bowing reverent before them but still recognizing their place in the evolution (perhaps not the word Giddens would want me to use) of a frame of thought. I'm especially fond of the way he needles some of the assumptions made as a matter of routine in the social sciences, such as the "evolution" of thought predicated on a linguistic and symbolic system, as well as a number of lingering fallacies from the functionalist and structuralist eras, to create a system of thought that, three decades on, is still original and fresh sounding.

Now, from what I understand, Giddens' political opinions are somewhat less attractive— Clinton/Blair style simpering to the right masking as a "left" opinion— but those don't really play into this at all. Like this book? Read online this: Anthony Giddens, Fired Up (Arcane Society, #7) (Arcane Society, #7) (Dreamlight Trilogy, #1).

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