The Complete Book of Discipleship

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Discipleship - EPUB what is it? What does it mean? To be a disciple of Jesus is part of being a Christian but many Christians do not seem to grasp the meaning. The Complete Book of Discipleship EPUB EBook This book is an in-depth study of what it means to be a disciple.

Being a disciple is not just being a follower of Jesus, but also a learner. We are to learn from Him and imitate Him. How this is done is through community. The stages of discipleship are examined as well as a look at the role spiritual disciplines play in being a disciple. The last few chapters deal with how this plays out in practical terms through the church, in small groups, through leadership as discipleship is not an individual matter.

The problem we run up against in American Christianity is that we have become a church of consumers rather than disciples. We have taken on the American dream and made that part of our gospel. Yet the Bible clearly teaches the loss of self in the choice to follow God. We cannot have it all. To be a disciple of Jesus means giving up one's own self and dreams and learning God's way of doing things. We are far too self-absorbed in our cultural American Christianity and have lost sight of true discipleship. Like this book? Read online this: Discipleship in Church Planting, Basic Discipleship.

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