The Collected Short Stories

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There‚Äôs always something of the fallen woman about these tales, some being quite short but so skillfully sketched that they dwell in memory long after the last page is turned. The Collected Short Stories EPUB EBook The solitary woman remains alone, even when surrounded by others. When she has a companion she always seems along for the ride and not too invested in it. Her relationships with men are blasé download; , her observations of other women competitive more often than not, only adding to persistent loneliness.

The stories are arranged chronologically and it is interesting to contrast the tales written in youth and old age. Even when the story is set in the West Indies, wherever she goes, there she is, inescapably.

The unanchored quality seems to define the war and post- EPUBwar years in Europe and England so that her characters are seldom settled for long. There is silk instead of scratchy wool but never enough of it.

Some tales are very short, two or three pages, but it is noteworthy how much she accomplishes in so few words. Is there any doubt that Rhys is the center of them all? There is a familiarity about them, like returning to a favorite room, one in need of heat or fresh air, one that may have a spot of sunlight, but one that most importantly has a door that can be closed.
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