The Civil War and Reconstruction

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Since this was such a long book I will pick a few things that I found interesting. The Civil War and Reconstruction EPUB EBook One, the south was hardly unified prior to the civil war. In some cases the majority of counties voted in referendum to remain part of the union and representatives went and voted to secede anyway.

The hypocrisy of the south is even more shocking then I thought. As soon as they split in the name of a decentralized government, the first thing they did was form a strong central government. The rights of the individual were trampled upon, food, supplies, crops were stolen from individual citizens in a way that left morale crushed in the south. A government that many got behind to protect the "property" of citizens was now systematically thieving from the populace at will. Towards the end of the war they actually considered and began the process of arming slaves and sending them in to battle.

The level of violence against blacks is not surprising but still disturbing. These were war crimes that should be mandatory reading all through the south.

Lastly, the parallels between Lincoln and Obama are sometimes startling. Both are grossly misunderstood by huge sections of the country to the point of total paranoia. Both were open to compromise to the point where they disappointed their more radical parts of their party. Both took the same approach to cabinet appointments- EPUBoften filling them with people of the opposing party. Both saw their main achievements ground down by not just the opposition but moderates looking to get reelected instead of passing wise legislation for the country. Like this book? Read online this: The Negro Question; A Selection of Writings on Civil Rights in the South, The Civil War Times Illustrated Photographic History of the Civil War, Volume I.

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