The Cisco Kid

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O'Henry's tragic anti- EPUBhero, The Cisco Kid looks for meaning in a squalid life of crime and violence, as the dark secret he harbors eats away at his soul like a jagged tooth demon. The Cisco Kid EPUB EBook While he's busy drinking his problems away, a gang of outlaws take a sharp dislike to him, and steal the only thing he's got worth having - a locket with the picture of the woman who haunts his every step. Cisco tracks them, and discovers that they're part of a larger outfit that shanghais defenseless Mexican women and children to sell to the highest bidder. Hot after these thugs as well is Pancho, who has family at the kidnappers' compound he must free! The two, motivated by very different instincts, form an uneasy truce to wipe this band of outlaw scum off the face of the old west! Like this book? Read online this: Exquisite Acquisitions (The Highest Bidder #2), Cisco Switched Internetworks.

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