The Christmas Tree Ship

EPUB EBook by Carol Crane

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Absolutely beautiful picture book!

Told through the eyes of a young boy, he recalls his Grandfather Axel's tales. The Christmas Tree Ship EPUB EBook His favorite was always the retelling of Captain Schuenemann and the Christmas tree ship, Rouse Simmons.

The story tells of Captain "Santa" taking Christmas trees from Michigan to Chicago on his ship, every single year. Until the Rouse Simmons sinks, and all is in despair. Yet the legacy continues.

It's such a heartwarming tale for the family to read it together —- EPUB especially on Christmas Eve. In addition to the story itself, the artwork by Chris Ellison is just stunning! I kept flipping through the pages again and again to take in the detailed pictures. The story of Captain Schuenemann is actually true, so you'll be learning historical facts with your children as you read. I'd definitely recommend this one! Like this book? Read online this: The Story of Christmas for Children, The First Christmas Tree.

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