The Children's Book of Virtues

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The perfect companion to William J. The Children's Book of Virtues EPUB EBook Bennett's number- EPUBone bestseller; download; "The Book of Virtues", "The Children's Book of Virtues" is the ideal storybook for parents and children to enjoy together: With selections from "The Book of Virtues", from Aesop and Robert Frost to George Washington's life as well as Native American and African folklore, "The Children's Book of Virtues" brings together timeless stories and poems from around the world.

The stories have been chosen especially for a young audience to help parents introduce to their children the essentials of good character: Courage, Perseverance, Responsibility, Work, Self-discipline, Compassion, Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship.

Lavishly illustrated by the well-known artist Michael Hague, these wonderful stories and the virtues they illustrate come to life on these pages.

"The Children's Book of Virtues" is an enduring treasury of literature and art that will help lead young minds toward what is noble and gentle and fine. Like this book? Read online this: The Children's Book of Christmas Stories, Moonbeak and Jacob Adventure Book 2-Jack Lost His Mother (Children's Book Age 3 to 8).

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