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This is a novel of the Ukraine. The Cathedral EPUB EBook Oles Honchar wished to promote and preserve Ukrainian culture. The author’s previous books were well received but not this last. Here is an excerp from Wikipedia, “A sad fate was destined for the next Honchar's novel Sobor (Cathedral, 1968). In comparison with "Tronka" the novel is much more closer to the traditional realism with broadly distinct positive and negative characters. The struggle for the revival of spirituality, for the historical memory of people as the foundation of decency in relationships between people is situated in the epicenter of story. The prototype of the cathedral in the novel served the Novomoskovsk Holy- EPUBTrinity Cathedral (Dnipropetrovsk Region). The Dnipropetrovsk Region Communist Party leader Oleksiy Vatchenko recognized himself in the image of a negative character the soulless party member opportunist who deposited his father in a retirement home. Being a friend of Leonid Brezhnev, Vatchenko requested a ban on the novel. The novel was published only in magazines, while the already printed copies of the book were confiscated and the translation to the Russian language was suspended. Despite the attempts to protect the piece (articles of Mykola Bazhan and others) it was prohibited and the mentioning about it has ceased. The only thing that saved Honchar from further prosecutions was his position in the Writer's Union.”

I enjoyed this book, I found the story to be poetic in many ways. It was love story as well as a story of the Ukraine and of communism and the human spirit. As stated above, the characters were positive and negative. I thought there wasa fair amount of philosophy in this work. Because of the censer of this book it can be found as a pdf file on -line and was published by the St. Sophia Religious Association of Ukrainian Catholics in Philadelphia in 1989.
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