The Case of the Amorous Aunt

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#71 in the Perry Mason series. The Case of the Amorous Aunt EPUB EBook Perry, secretary Della Street and detective Paul Drake fly to Arizona to head off Lorraine Elmore, who is apparently heading to Yuma with con man Montrose DeWitt and thoughts of matrimony. Lorraine's niece has hired Perry check on DeWitt her aunt but when DeWitt is murdered and Lorraine is arrested, Lorraine becomes the client. Imperial Valley DA Marshall is determined to build his reputation as the small town victor over the big city legal expert.

Perry Mason series - EPUB From Massachusetts, rich Lorraine Elmore elopes with eye-patch swindler Montrose Dewitt to Arizona, where she sees him bludgeoned to death in the desert, but he dies in a motel bed from her sleeping medicine in his whisky bottle and icepick wounds. Suspicious niece Linda Calhoun, urged by law student fiancé download; George Latty hires California lawyer Perry Mason. Like this book? Read online this: Lorraine Hansberry, The Amorous Heiress (Harlequin Love & Laughter, #28).

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