The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, #1)

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Ansel Adams has a dry and terse style, I think I haven't read technical books with so much content per word, very little is wasted. The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, #1) EPUB EBook This book is relatively small, but there is so much information that it must be read carefully.

Much of the book seems out of date, and it is, but even the things most people are very unlikely to ever use (view camera) have very interesting insights into the optics and different possibilities. I had no idea of what was possible to do with a view camera because of the bellows, adjustments to the lens plane and film plane. An eye opener. In twitter era and TL; download; DR (too long, didn't read) era, realizing the amount of time it takes preparing a photo is unbelievable (and this is just the first part of the story... there are three).

This books shows any person how easy we have it taking photographs. Point and shoot it is, the camera takes care of the rest. Of course that has nothing to do with the quality of the photograph, but the convenience today is astonishing. The whole process appears to be quite simple if you don't go beyond automatic settings.

This is the book to read for anyone interested in knowing more about photography, both the principles and practice. I highly recommend it. Now I'll have to get The Negative and The Print. Like this book? Read online this: Forty Short Stories to Read on a Plane, Camera Obscura.

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