The Busy Coder's Guide To Android Development

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This year i’ve tried to give Android as a developmnent platform a second try. The Busy Coder's Guide To Android Development EPUB EBook Previously i had a harsh experience with it, mostly because of the fact that it’s environment was inmature. Eclipse with it’s sophisticated Android plugin and Ant were not helping me in keeping sanity at all. It was a mess! Everytime i was executing Android’s emulator my Macbook Pro was acting as it was a typewriter with no multitasking at all.

This time everything has changed. Android’s devtools became very mature, as well as the Android’s ecosystem.

Basically, i had to start from scratch in the Android learning process. It’s learning curve is very lean, but at the same time Android’s API is very broad and it’s still constantly changing.

This book is a perfect solution, it consists of 2000+ pages! It covers most of the topics i had to deal with. It has a Github repository, which has a enormous broadth of examples! From simple activities to dealing with NDK, this book has a chapter and a code to tackle in.

My only issue with it is the price. Currently it costs more than 40 bucks, which is kinda huge for an ebook. I had my concerns with it, that’s why i went on with a free outdated version. If i’ll find a way to make some money with Android, i’ll totally buy a full version which is updated with every major Android release!

My score 5/5 Like this book? Read online this: Android, Android App Development Fundamentals Livelessons Bundle.

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