The Brotherhood of Book Hunters

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The poet Francois Villon has been condemned to death by Louis XI, and to escape execution, he enters into a questionable relationship with a bishop in the pay of Louis XI. The Brotherhood of Book Hunters EPUB EBook All Villon has to do to earn his freedom is to convince a printer and bookseller to move from Mayence to Paris, telling him that by doing so he'll be better able to circulate progressive ideas that aren't approved of in Rome. But, not surprisngly, Villon's task is not as simple as it sounds. In this riveting tale of plots and counterplots that takes place in Jerusalem, France, and Italy, Raphael Jerusalmy leaves readers out of breath and with their heads spinning. Like this book? Read online this: The House of Bourbon - France under Louis XIV and the Regency, Lady Gaga (Book 1 of the Vampire Hunters).

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