The Broken Tusk

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Illustrated by Maniam Selven. The Broken Tusk EPUB EBookA slim volume consisting of, after some introductory material on the nature of Hindu mythology, seventeen tales of Gansha, told as stand- EPUBalone stories for children.Krishnaswami is a superb story-teller, and manages to condense the often confusing web of Hindu mythology into easily digestible morality tales.Adorned with charming line illustrations, this book reminds me of the D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths in its simple but not simplistic presentation.

I had never heard most of these tales, and found them all to be delightful.My one minor quibble is the order that the stories are presented: the origin of Ganesha’s broken tusk appears after that tusk plays a central role in Ganesha’s quarrel with the moon; download; his mouse Mushika’s origin (as a demon Ganesha tamed) appears after Mushika is mentioned several times.A little bit of reordering might have made this book even more accessible.Still, well worth having in a library of myth. Like this book? Read online this: Ganesha, Beneath the Broken Moon (Broken, #1).

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