The Bobbsey Twins' Adventure in Washington

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This was trip down memory lane for me. The Bobbsey Twins' Adventure in Washington EPUB EBookI loved The Bobbsey Twins series when I was a kid, and I read all that I could put my hands on.I had discovered a set of them in my grandmother's attic, and they were all the original editions, published in the early years of the 20th century.This is a title that I never found.I loved visiting with Nan and Bert, and Freddie and Flossie.The plot is simple:Mr. Bobbsey takes the family to Washington, DC on an extended business trip.The children go sightseeing, and locate some missing china for an elderly neighbor.The writing is dated, and certainly reflects the attitudes and culture of the turn of the century. As an adult, I can cringe, but I can also be transported back to my childhood.This Kindle edition has not been rewritten for present- EPUBday children, and as such, would not appeal to present-day young readers. Like this book? Read online this: The Bobbsey Twins' Mystery at Meadowbrook (Bobbsey Twins, #7), The Bobbsey Twins and the Goldfish Mystery (Bobbsey Twins, #55).

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