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Good solid writing pretty much throughout again from the Blizzard contributors. The Blizzard EPUB EBook

Highlights for me included an article about the Uyghur people and their football in the far west of China and their relationship to China.For people interested in this region of the world and their culture I recommend Colin Thubron's 'The Silk Road' which is a fascinating book and provides a wonderful perspective from the region.

There's good articles about the world of scouting, the feud between Germany and Holland.Their is an article on performance enhancing drugs in football and the lack of people caught out.Whilst there is no 'evidence' of cheating, it is in fact that lack of 'evidence' in the worlds richest game with hundreds of thousands of paid professionals that is cause to question.The fiction in here is surprisingly good (after recent efforts) focusing on the impact of the Falklands War on a young player.The article on football computer games is decent although as a recovering Football Manager addict I'm amazed that wasn't number 1 in the list.

There's a fair bit in this issue about football from the former Yugoslavia which will either work for the reader or not.The only article I didn't like was the one about smoking footballers being cool.I'm an ex- EPUBsmoker but I really don't see anything rebellious about anyone puffing on a ciggie. Like this book? Read online this: The Blizzard - The Football Quarterly, Blizzard (Med Center, #5).

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