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Another solid issue of football writing. The Blizzard EPUB EBook

Highlights include Jonathan Wilson's introduction in relation to the World Cup.I think his idea of having a Global Qualifying round after the continental qualifying is a superb idea.It will shorten the World Cup and improve the quality of the tournament whilst being much more inclusive to African, Asian and North American countries.It would also have more meaningful qualifying games.I thought this was a really innovative idea.

There is much about the African Champions League in this issue - EPUB the best article is the one covering Al-Ahly's Champions League win, including discussion on the murder of their fans in Port Said.

There is a good interview with Oscar Tabarez - it's funny reading this after the World Cup as I'm not sure Tabarez's ideas are congruent with how Urugauy performed at the World Cup.

I really enjoyed the article by Uli Hesse describing the transformation of German football - I've recently read his book 'Tor' so this is a nice update to that book.This was written prior to the World Cup win so was strangely prophetic.I think there are some really clear messages here for England (which won't be taken up!).

The articles and interviews with referees were really good - that's a side of the game I like to see explored.

Loved the Great Game of the Dundee derby in 1983.I remember watching the European Cup semi-final against AS Roma - those were the days when you'd watch any British teams in Europe (and pretty much support all British teams, unlike now where support is all at club level).

There are a few articles about the influence of Jewish coaches which were of varying quality but overall a good selection of articles. Like this book? Read online this: The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk During the World War, Book Two, Blizzard (Med Center, #5).

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