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I wanted a book that would help my husband and I know what to expect with a typical 21st century American hospital birth. The Best Birth EPUB EBook This was it! Most labor and delivery books were aimed at moms wanting an unmedicated birth, which simply wasn't me. The premise of this book is that the labor and delivery team is there to ensure that mom and baby are healthy, and whatever path it takes to achieve that outcome is 100% okay. This was exactly the discussion my OB and I had, so I appreciated finding a book that addressed all the possible permutations I might experience and felt very prepared. I also really liked the sections addressing how my husband could help and the diagrams of suggested laboring positions. I actually started using some of these positions in the 9th month and found they helped with my discomfort. Like this book? Read online this: Sheila Kitzinger's Birth Book, Birth & Sex.

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