The Bayeux Tapestry

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Of course, the glory of this book is the 73 color plates at approximately 54% of the embroidery's real size. The Bayeux Tapestry EPUB EBook It's worth having on that alone.

Wilson does a fairly good job on addressing broadly the historical context, the uniqueness of the form, and the importance of the clothing and objects displayed in the tapestry. He has a running commentary on a second section of smaller, black and white plates, that discuss important features on each of the plates and the story presented. The sections following: "The Story Told in the Tapestry," "Style, Art and Form," and "Buildings, Dress and Objects" could be considered smaller essays on the tapestry and frequently refer to the plates. This made me wish I had two copies of the book, because of all the heavy page- EPUBflipping involved if I wanted to see what he was talking about in the different plates. The introduction gives a brief overview of the history of the tapestry—one that is sometimes quite harrowing to the historian!

His various sections sometimes repeat themselves (especially as relates to the story of the conquest) so I began to skim in some places, already being quite familiar with that side. There's a fold-out short description of the plates, so you can have that on hand as you go through the photos. There's also a translation of the Latin in the back.

All together the supplemental material made me want to go back to those glorious plates and study them more scrupulously again and again. It's such a beautiful, fascinating source. Like this book? Read online this: Stationary Oscillations of Elastic Plates, The Tapestry of War.

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