The Autumn Garden

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In the words of New York : "Miss Hellman is contemplating the meaning of middle age to an assorted group of people gathered together in a summer home. The Autumn Garden EPUB EBookAll of them are in one way or another frustrated and unhappy. Most of them are under the illusion that some day the things from which they suffer will be removed and they will be once more at peace. But when they come to see themselves, they realize that man is the sum of his past life, that they are incapable of any real revolt against their past, and that what they have made of themselves in earlier years is what they are when age approaches. Nor are they tragic figures. All of them are troubled average people, human, commonplace but they are studied with great understanding and a touch of intelligently unsentimental compassion." Like this book? Read online this: Brian Moore and the Meaning of the Past, Autumn.

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