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James C. The Art of James Christensen EPUB EBook Christensen's artwork has impressed and enchanted art lovers and fantasy aficionados for decades, and this book is a little insight into his process and philosophy.It including samples of his art throughout the years, from pen and ink sketches from his sketchbooks to finished and published paintings, and text describing his purposes and ideas.

I admit I'm not as enamored with Christensen's art as I used to be, but I'm glad to finally really look through his published books (which I have been doing in conjunction with the Dinotopia books of James Gurney, who coincidentally wrote the introduction for this book).I almost gave this book a three- EPUBstar rating, but then I just couldn't bear to, the art really is pretty nice.He's certainly talented, and while you start to notice a lot of themes and trends in his art (seriously, how many floating fish or too many characters crammed into tiny ornate boats, or lumpy, overweight and opulently over-dressed dudes can you wade through before wanting to see something a little different?), some of which might not appeal so much to everyone, you can still appreciate the skill level, well-rounded approach and imaginative content.But the problem I had with this book was in the text.The short blurbs next to the paintings were great:concise, insightful, witty.The sidebars by the writer who compiled and edited the book were interesting too.But then there were several pages at the start of every chapter in which Christensen kind of blathered ambiguously for a while about imagination and magic and creativity and sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and whatever.It just seemed vague and superfluous and made the whole experience seem kind of frothy and (ironically) shallow.I just don't think he needed to write that much for an art coffee table book, and it made it seem a little self-indulgent.There were some interesting personal experiences related to the art that were pertinent and worthwhile, but most of those were repeated briefly in the captions under the relevant piece of art.Sometimes in these art books, I feel like it would be best if the artists would just back off a little and let the art speak for itself, at least mostly.

I've always liked James C. Christensen's work, and though I'm not such a big fan as I once was, this collection of his art is, if a little repetitive in content, pretty nice.His style is very distinctive, but there's a moderate variety of subjects presented here, in various stages of development, as well as text that provides insights to his process and philosophies on art, creativity and life in general.The writing at times seems a little pretentious and overlong, but it's worth skimming through for the bits of information that supplement the visuals.But seriously, if I read the phrase "just a little left of reality" (or some variation thereof) one more time... Like this book? Read online this: Buffalo Bill and His Wild West Companions (Original Illustrations and Text) (Original Illustrations and Text) (Western Cowboy Classics Book 76), Oral Roberts Reading the New Testament with His Life's Teachings, 4 Volume Set (Vols. 1-3 (48 Cassettes) Covering the New Testament (King James Version) / Vol. 4 (Vols. 1-3 (48 Cassettes) Covering the New Testament (King James Version) / Vol. 4 (5 Cassett.

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