The Annotated C++ Reference Manual

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This book provides a complete reference for the C++ programming language. The Annotated C++ Reference Manual EPUB EBook It consists of the C++ reference manual, approved as the base document for ANSI standardization of the language, plus annotations and commentary. The annotations and commentary discuss what is not included in the language, why certain features are defined as they are, and how one might implement particular features. The commentaries also help the reader to understand the relationships between parts of the language. Comparisons with C and examples explain the more subtle points of the language. Sixteen chapters cover the latest version of C++ including multiple inheritance, abstract classes, templates, exception handling, and more. A final chapter describes resolutions by the ANSI/ISO committee including new features such as run- EPUBtime type information and namespaces. Appendices summarize the grammar and evolution of the language, and explain in detail the differences between C and C++. The Annotated C++ Reference Manual will appeal to language implementors and expert C++ programmers. 0201514591B04062001 Like this book? Read online this: National Language Planning and Language Shifts in Malaysian Minority Communities, Illustrator's Reference Manual.

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