The Alphabet Tree

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"The Alphabet Tree" tells the story of a group of letters who live on the leaves of a tree and bask in the sun. The Alphabet Tree EPUB EBook One day a gale engulfs the tree, sweeping away several of the letters and causing the test to huddle together in fear. Thereafter, a "word- EPUBbug" and a caterpillar show up to show the letters how to cluster together to make words, and then link up to one another to form sentences. The caterpillar teaches them that sentences alone do not give them the staying power to remain on the tree, but important sentences. The letters decide on the most important sentence of all: "Peace on earth, goodwill toward men."

This book illustrates the theme that the power of literacy is not just in knowledge of letters or words, but the ability to put them together to convey powerful ideas. The collage-style illustrations are beautiful in their simplicity, and each of the characters in the book (the letters, the word-bug, and the caterpillar) embody kindness and caring. Like this book? Read online this: Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs, Dexter's Dinosaurs (Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 10: Tree Tops: More Stories A).

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