The 80/10/10 Diet

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If you have ever struggled with your health and have tried a lot of raw or vegan or any type of diet and failed this book is for you. The 80/10/10 Diet EPUB EBook

I call this the Species Specific Diet or Primate Diet because it takes the simplest most obvious premise: that we should eat like other primates and backs it up with science. I had read TC Fry, and I live on Fruit by the South African woman and had discounted the whole idea. i was so brainwashed by our media and medical society that i could not stop thinking that fruits give us candida and diabetes.

The truth is that the fats are what cause problems not the fruit which is our natural food along with a head of greens or veggies a day and very very little fat. as a matter of fact bananas, tomatoes, greens and other foods have the 10 % fat ratio we need as well as the 10 %protein sufficient for primates.

but Graham shows this much more convincingly than I can in a short review.

Try reading Graham and then look back at your other diet, and nutrition and health books with new eyes.
The expensive supplements, green foods, juicers, colon cleanses and other extreme measures needed by other natural diets are there to compensate for trying to live on too much protein or fat and not enough whole raw natural low fat plant matter.

The trouble with most raw foods and vegan diets or any type of "diet" is that they are very hard to stay on and seem to cause cravings and bingeing. Once you are eating a chimpanzees amount of fruits and greens you do not feel hungry and the cravings drop away.
The only problem with Grahams diet is societies fear of it. Like this book? Read online this: The 3 Day Diet Plus 25 Other Diets, The Hot Diet.

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