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I heard about this book when I read Williams' WHEN WOMEN COULD FLY. Testimony EPUB EBook She told the story of how she and other authors wrote, and compiled, and shared this book of essays with both houses of the US Congress, in an effort to overcome their own Utah politicians' efforts to decimate the wilderness lands in the state. This collection has essays, memoirs, poems. Stories of why wilderness matters. And why the Congress should care.

It was a desperate project, and it worked. This book is entered into the Congressional Record. It changed history. It saved the wilderness.

"To bear testimony is to bear witness; download; we speak from the truth of our lives. How do we put our love for the land into action? This book is one model, an act of faith by writers who believe in the power of story, a bedrock remonder of how wild nature continues to inform, inspire, and sustain us." Williams

"What is it that awakens in my soul when I walk in the desert, when I catch the scento of rain, when I see the sun and moon rise and set on all the colors of the earth, when I approach the heart of wilderness?" N. Scott Momaday

And the last words in the book, by Margaret E Murie, born in 1902: "Species other than man have rights too.Do we have enough reverence for life to concede to wilderness that right?"

The writing is strong and reverant. The purpose is ambitious. The stories and voices show us we DO have power. Like this book? Read online this: Johnny Goes to First Grade. Bedtime Stories Book For Children's (Good night & Bedtime Children's Story E-book Collection). For children ages 3-8., Children's Testimony.

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