Terror from the Stars

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Two Scenarios and an Investigators' Handbook

The Pits of Bendal- EPUBDolum:
The investigators travel to tiny British Honduras in search of a lost archaeological expedition, but find evil beyond their worst nightmares. Terror from the Stars EPUB EBook

The Temple of the Moon: adventure and intrigue in Peru. An investigator receives a gold artifact through the mails from Peru, pitting him and his friends against a ring of international art thieves and perhaps against more sinister foes.

The Field Manual of the Theron Marks Society: the Theron Marks Sociaty is an underground group of organized Cthulhu investigators. This manual explains all the investigative techniques and tricks theu have learned. The Theron Marks Manual is designed to be fit into any campaign. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, Rock Stars Do It Harder (Rock Stars Do It, #1).

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