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While agreed with much of this book, I disagree with some of the comments around teachers and technology. Teaching Digital Natives EPUB EBookAlthough I was not born in the digital age, I embrace it.My dad and brother built Heathkit personal computers in our basement and by 1984, Iwas composing all my writing online.I don't think Prensky gives teachers enough credit!I agree with his comments around students and technology.As teachers, we need to give students opportunities to create and stay away unless needed.I can show a student a program and within minutes of use they have figured out how to do things I didn't know.They show other students, raising the level of expertise for all.I also agree with Presnky on the importance of developing good questions and focusing on learning vs. teaching.There are times, however, where carefully crafted teacher lessons are important.Such lessons need to be interactive and engaging, and with purpose.Whenteaching a new math concept, providing experiences to help learners make connections and derive meaning is critical.For example, students can discover algorithms in math through teacher created activities.Studentscould easily search the web to learn how, but this isn't deep thinking.overall, a good read! Like this book? Read online this: Teaching English Learners and Immigrant Students in Secondary Schools, Teaching Gender, Teaching Women's Health.

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