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In Teaching America, more than 20 leading thinkers sound the alarm over a crisis in citizenship and lay out a powerful agenda for reform. Teaching America EPUB EBook The book s unprecedented roster of authors includes Justice Sandra Day O Connor, Senator Jon Kyl, Senator Bob Graham, Secretary Rod Paige, Alan Dershowitz, Juan Williams, Glenn Reynolds, Michael Kazin, Frederick Hess, Andrew Rotherham, Mike Feinberg, Seth Andrew, Mark Bauerlein and more. Their message: To remain America, our country has to give its kids a civic identity, an understanding of our constitutional system, and some appreciation of the amazing achievements of American self- EPUBgovernment. But we are failing. Young Americans know little about the Bill of Rights, the democratic process, or the civil rights movement. Three of every four high school seniors aren t proficient in civics, nine of ten can t cut it in U.S. history, and the problem is only aggravated by universities' disregard for civic education. Such civic illiteracy weakens our common culture, disenfranchises would-be voters, and helps poison our politics. Like this book? Read online this: African-American Communists and the Origins of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, Film + Travel North America, South America.

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