Talkers, Watchers, and Doers

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Not worth the time to read. Talkers, Watchers, and Doers EPUB EBookSadly.Talkers, Watchers, and Doers: Unlocking Your Child's Unique Learning Style (School Savvy Kids)is a very very very basic introduction to the three basic learning styles (kinetic, auditory and visual).

Honestly I can see it being useful to give to a Junior High level student as a discussion of different learning styles, the acceptance of them, and the ‘you just need to alter your approach to fit yours’ concept.However it simple offers nothing to an adult / parent.

It is a fast read, and easy read (again maybe Junior High reading level, I am sure I could have sped though it in Grade school) but there is just no meat, no substance.Many cute stories about kids that were failing every spelling test until a mom recorded their spelling words on a tape, gave them a walkman and hand them match up and down the stairs to the beat of their spelling drills; download; beyond that everything vas common sense and rudimentary.Ants in Their Pants EPUBTheir-Pant... by Aerial Cross is a much better book if you are looking for suggestions on ‘altering the approach to assignments / material presentation’ especially to allow a child to get up and move, but also to make visual images and the like.

I got it off, so I did not waste the $10.39 is asking for it.I’ll post it back on to PBS and get a different book.That is the joy of – no guilt for the books that don’t turn out as you hope.
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