Taking Names (Type N Trilogy Book 2)

EPUB EBook by Michelle N. Onuorah

EBook Description

They took her love. Taking Names (Type N Trilogy Book 2) EPUB EBook..and gained her enmity.

Nicolette Talloway has finally found happiness. As the only person in the world whose blood can cure any disease, she has managed to give her blood on her own terms without any interference from the government. Sure that she has found a permanent solution, she and the love of her life, Jason, settle into a new beginning together.

That is...until they are found.

There is a new President in charge and a new agenda written for Nicolette's blood - EPUB whether she wants to play ball or not. The problem is: they’ve pushed her too far. And when she finally decides to take matters into her own hands, Nicolette will no longer run from authorities or give her blood but will stand her ground and start Taking Names . Like this book? Read online this: Strong Verbs Strong Voice, The Book of the Names of the Dead.

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