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THE ALHPA SEEKER'S GUIDE TO VALUE STOCKS When to buy them. Taking Charge with Value Investing EPUB EBook How long to hold them. When to sell them. "This book will be welcomed by anyone looking to break free from their financial advisor and manage their own savings."
—DAVID JACKSON, founder and CEO, Seeking Alpha(R)

"The world is an uncertain place. This uncertainty impacts the financial markets as much, if not more, than any other space. But don't be afraid! Brian Nichols provides a personal, experience- EPUBbased, and highly accessible framework for taking your investment portfolio into your own hands. There's nothing pretentious or complicated about Brian's approach. It's straightforward common sense on how to invest in the stock market."
—ROCCO PENDOLA, Director of Social Media at TheStreet.com and cofounder of the "Options Investing Newsletter"

"For investors who want discipline, or who want to escape the addiction of day trading, this book is for you."
—GARY ANDERSON, author of "Will Rogers" and "Business Insider" Contributor

"I am pleased and honored to publish Brian Nichols' articles on Market Playground and interview him on my radio program. With his new book, Brian brings his vast array of investing knowledge to the masses!"
—DEMIAN RUSSIAN, Editor-in-Chief, "Market Playground"

There's more to investing than "Buy low, sell high." DISCOVER THE ALPHA SECRET TO VALUE INVESTING

Every financial quarter, more than 1.5 mil� download; lion investors turn to Brian Nichols' acclaimed "Seeking Alpha" columns for his insider tips on value investing. No matter what's going on in the market, he's got an uncanny knack for spotting the hottest stocks, the latest trends, and the greatest opportunities. Now—due to popular demand—he's distilled his best-kept secrets into one comprehensive, easy-to-use guide for "seeking alpha" and maximizing profits in any market. You'll learn how to: Take charge of your financial future Understand how hedge funds really work Determine if a company is a good investment Make smarter decisions based on value Use psychology to outthink the market Avoid the pitfalls of emotional investors Build a killer portfolio for long-term success

Filled with step-by-step strategies for choosing stocks, how-to tips for maximizing investments, and first-hand stories of high risks and higher rewards, this is a must-have guide for any investor who appreciates the value of "value."

You'll learn what the industry insiders really think about the recession, stock bubbles, balance sheets, cash flow, stock metrics, and other fundamentals of investing. You'll discover the surprising effects of human psychology on the rise and fall of the market—and learn how to keep your head and your money intact during times of extreme behavioral selling. You'll see how companies like Netflix and Apple weathered the storms of our ever-changing economy—and what it ultimately means for shareholders. Most important, you'll discover the most valuable lessons an investor can learn from taking a loss—without losing anything yourself.

When you're seeking alpha, you're looking for value. In companies. In stocks. In your own financial future. That's value investing at its building for a lifetime. Like this book? Read online this: Every Investor's Guide to High-tech Stocks & Mutual Funds, Fundamental Analysis, Value Investing & Growth Investing.

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