Taken (The Witches of Santa Anna, #17)

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TAKEN, Book Seventeen in the Witches of Santa Anna series of novellas. Taken (The Witches of Santa Anna, #17) EPUB EBook..

In Season One of The Witches of Santa Anna, Natalia and Cam had to fight to be together. In Season Two, they fought even harder not to lose each other. But in Season Three, they'll find that staying together is harder than they ever imagined.

After undergoing their most perilous journey yet, Cam and Natalia return to school at Santa Anna and try to resume high school life as if nothing's changed. But in reality, everything is different.

Brody and Cam's friendship is fractured. Aiden is changing. The Triad is back with Raine at the helm and more powerful than ever. Natalia's mother has developed a mistrust for Cam and will stop at almost nothing to keep the two apart.

And Cam and Natalia will be forced to look deep into their hearts and decide if they can stay together when everyone and everything is against them. Like this book? Read online this: The Complete Short Stories of Natalia Ginzburg, Hooray for Anna Hibiscus! (Anna Hibiscus, #2).

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