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It is always fascinating to see how artists in various mediums engage other mediums for which they are not primarily known (i. Sylvia Plath EPUB EBooke., painters writing poems or poets drawing pictures). This slim volume gives a reader a handful of drawings done during perhaps the happiest years of Sylvia Plath's short life, 1956- EPUB57, when she and Ted Hughes were newlyweds. Even so, it is impossible to look at these drawings without considering her later incandescent stage of writing the poems that went into her masterpiece collection, Ariel. I found the drawings competent but not anything really spectacular (they are certainly much better than her daughter Frieda Hughes' paintings, which I find ghastly). The handful of letters that mention her drawing activity are not particularly illuminating or even well written, and the introduction by Frieda Hughes (the poet's daughter) is decidedly (and understandably, given her family's sad history of suicides) stoic and so offers little insight into how Plath's drawing intersected with her writing, if at all. Having said that, I do like the way the black-and-white ink drawings isolate objects in a starkness I very much associate with Plath. But this is Plath-the-ever-good-student and not the rebellious genius she would become. In fact, I wonder if there were any drawings done during the furious stage when she was writing the poems that went into Ariel, and if those weren't destroyed by Hughes whether they contrast sharply with these early drawings. Final note, this is a very quick book to burn through and so satisfies one's curiosity before the drawings become repetitive.

Here is Sylvia Plath sketch, Ted Hughes, from 1956; download; pen and ink on paper, 21.5 x 14 cm:

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