Sweet Temptation

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Ex- EPUBmarine, Marcus Braddock’s protective instincts are stirred by Darcy Ferguson’s generous nature, but her luscious curves arouse an altogether different response. Sweet Temptation EPUB EBook Capturing her for his own quickly becomes a primary objective, but before he can claim his prize, he must liberate the enticing beauty imprisoned behind a wall of insecurities.

Darcy is surrounded by physical perfection—the American standard versus the American ideal. When the ruggedly tempting Marcus Braddock breaches her defenses in a blatant frontal assault, she has no clue how to resist. Yielding could make her the butt of a practical joke, but his sensual blue eyes and tantalizing muscles promise such deliciously sweet surrender.

Before Marc, Darcy understood how the world worked, had been told repeatedly, “Fat girls do not eat sweets in public, do not flaunt their oversized breasts, and certainly do not attract gorgeous men.” Fortunately, no one ever explained the rules to Marc. Like this book? Read online this: Death at the Wheel (Darcy Sweet, #12), Her Perfect Stranger (Harlequin Temptation, #878) (Harlequin Temptation, #878) (The Wrong Bed, #17).

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