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The book has an iffy premise, but within a few pages, I was drawn in. Sweet Hush EPUB EBook Deborah Smith's writing does that to you no matter how in the beginning, you think, "Huh? Is that realistic?"

The story's a romance, naturally. Hush builds up an apple orchard based on the Sweet Hush apple her family developed over a century earlier. She marries the wrong man even though she knows it. But when he dies, she's left with a son who idolized his father because she never let him see what his father really was. She lovingly raises him, proudly sends him off to Harvard, and then —

He comes home with a girl friend. Whose parents happen to be the First Couple of the nation. Yep, the President's daughter.

Hush doesn't want her son getting involved with a politician's daughter. The President and First Lady don't want their daughter getting involved with an apple farmer's son.

Turns out it's too late. The kids are married. And expecting. And a clandestine expert, the President's nephew, is brought in to protect the girl. But boy, does he like Hush.

Worse, she likes him.

Hush's Appalachian voice comes through loud and clear. She may be a farmer but by God, she's as good as the Presidential couple and she's not about to be sneered at. And she's going to do whatever it takes to make sure her boy isn't hurt.

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