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Lorna Forrester's uncle sells her off to Nathaniel (Nate) Bacon, who plans to wed her to his feeble- EPUBminded son Franklin. Surrender in Moonlight EPUB EBook Prior to the wedding, Lorna's caught in a storm while out riding and takes shelter in an old abandoned house, but it turns out not quite so abandoned as she meets up with handsome blockade runner Ramon Cazenave. Ramon charms Lorna into a night of passion, but after the deed is done they're caught and Lorna is returned to the *cough* loving arms of Franklin and Ramon is locked up by the evil Nate. Frank is a bit too aggressive on the wedding night, and after a wee bit of a tussle let's just say that Lorna needs to get out of Dodge fast, she frees Ramon and the two lead their jailors on a merry chase. So as not to spoil I won't reveal how it happens, but the action eventually switches to Nassau in the Bahamas, a major hub for the blockade runners and their valuable cargos. What follows are your usual ups and downs of true love that neither party will confess to (although thank gawd there's no real big misunderstanding), lots of complications from the evil baddies, plus some nail-biting derring-do and rescues at sea at the finish.

All in all a very engaging read, and a good choice when you're in the mood for something on the *lighter* side of fiction. Don't get me wrong though, Blake is not just an average every day romance writer - she takes the genre up a few notches and for that gets four stars from me. Her settings are real instead of wall-paper, and I very much appreciate effortless way that Blake brings in the Creole lifestyle, customs, clothes and food into her books. Her heroines have a brain and not only do they know their roles in society, they don't go around stamping their feet when they don't get their way and then go rushing off into danger after they've been told to stay put (well, Lorna did do it once, but I forgive her for that). I really did get a chuckle out of this snippet,

"She lay reading for a time, a novel she had picked up in a stall of used books outside a shop. It held her attention only to a degree, for the heroine was insipid, the hero overbearing, and the story filled with unlikely events and coincidences."

I have yet to find a pair like that in a Jennifer Blake novel, although I've barely scratched the surface of her back-list. There is a lot of sex in this book, as Lorna and Ramon do a fairly good job of steaming up the pages (that was one sensual towel-down after the bath...), although once again Blake does it in a more tasteful manner with subtler language than you see in today's romances. Not recommended for younger readers because of that, but adult readers looking for a southern romance that won't insult your intelligence might want to give this one a whirl.
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