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A Clean Sweep by Laurell K. Superheroes EPUB EBook Hamilton 5/29/1006
Time for a Hero by Brian M. Thomsen 5/31/2006
Peer Review by Michael A. Stackpole 6/1/2006
Shadow Storm by Mickey Zucker Reichert 6/11/2006
Empowered by Alan Dean Foster 6/12/2006
Handing on the Goggles by B. W. Clough 6/14/2006
She Who Might Be Obeyed by Roland J. Green and Frieda A. Murray 6/15/2006
And the Sea Shall Cast Him Out by William Marden 6/18/2006
The Defender of Central Park by Josepha Sherman 6/19/2006
Reflected Glory by Paul Kupperberg 6/20/2006
Super Acorns by Mike Resnick and Lawrence Schimel
Vets by Richard Lee Byers
Four Tales of Many Names by Gerald Hausman
The Long Crawl of Hugh Glass by Roger Zelazny
God Save the King by P. J. Beese and Todd Cameron Hamilton
Contract Hit by Richard A. Knaak
Origin Story by Dwight R. Decker
Tu Quoque by John DeChancie
Theme Music Man by Jody Lynn Nye
Bicycle Superhero by Dennis O'Neil
Captain Asimov by Stephen L. Antczak [as by Steve Antczak ]
Press Conference by Brad Linaweaver
Basic Training by Jerry Bingham
One of the Boys by Lawrence Watt- EPUBEvans
Truth, Justice and the Politically Correct Socialist Path by John Varley Like this book? Read online this: Time for Kids Almanac 2006, A Brief Guide to Superheroes.

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