Super Villain Dad (Cape High, #1)

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You're probably wondering why we're trying to be so quiet. Super Villain Dad (Cape High, #1) EPUB EBookWell there's a reason.A really BIG reason.He's standing over there—no—to your right—no, THROUGH the fence.Yes, on the other side of the big, nasty looking security fence that is literally shaking because of electric jolts.Yes, him.He's pretty scary looking, right?He's got to be six five, and he's got the face of a serial murderer.It's all sharp and needing shaved.And that whole skin tight prison body suit thing—it's really not fashionable at all, I admit.What?Why's he got a streak of white in his hair?Well, see, that's why we're here.

He's a super villain.

So why is an innocent little freshman like me and her annoying twin brother sneaking peeks at him through a prison fence?Well...

He's our father.At least, that's what we think. Like this book? Read online this: Burning the Fence, Super-Homem e Batman (Colecção Super-Heróis DC Comics Série II, #10).

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