Summerhouse Time

EPUB EBook by Eileen Spinelli

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Every year a rented pink cottage full of family, swapping stories, and riding waves mean Summerhouse Time for Sophie. Summerhouse Time EPUB EBook Best of all is sharing a room with her favorite cousin and laughing and trading secrets like two happy peas in a cousin pod. Sophie can't wait! But when she asks the now- EPUBa-teenager Colleen if she's looking forward to their time together, Colleen just says "I guess so."

What? It's the best time of the year, the time they both love. In just a little bit, they will all be together in the cottage on the beach. Will this year be just as wonderful, just like always?

Accompanied by charming black-and-white illustrations, classic growingup experiences radiate throughout the pages of this sunny, anytime story. Like this book? Read online this: 52 Creative Family Time Experiences, Echoes in Time (Time Traders / Ross Murdock, #6).

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