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Characters: 2m, 4f / Drama David Adjmi received the first ever Steinberg "Mimi" Playwright Award in 2009 Sixteen year old Lily knows nothing beyond the Syrian- EPUBJewish community in Brooklyn where she lives a cloistered life with her much older husband. Stunning EPUB EBook Soon an unlikely relationship with her enigmatic African-American maid opens Lily's world to new possibilities - but at a huge price. David Adjmi's daring new work shifts from caustic satire to violent drama as it exposes the ways we invent and defend our identities in the melting-pot of America. "Impossible to dismiss...An artist...whose next work I can't wait to see" -Hilton Als, The New Yorker "Virtuosic playwright David Adjmi nicely evokes an arrestingly skewed subculture onstage...coolly witty...A stinging portrait of an insular Syrian Jewish community in contemporary Brooklyn." -Jason Zinoman, The New York Times Like this book? Read online this: David Jason, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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