Stumbling Thru

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The Appalachian Trail as a metaphor for life. Stumbling Thru EPUB EBook

In Stumbling Thru, the Appalachian Trail is alive. We walk with Walter, our reluctant hiker who only knows that he's standing before 2,000+ miles of trail at the start of his uncertain journey. Characters that crisscross his path early on may or may not turn out to be major players, but one cannot imagine the novel without them. On trail everybody gets a nickname, and how you area assigned one is not random at all – Walter’s ennui earns him the alias “Bartleby”, after Bartleby the scrivener. There is also “STD”, “Bawdy”, “Poohbah”, “Flutterby”, and “Coyote” among many others. You’ll have to find out for yourself how “Peg Master” becomes “Skunkers”, whether “Again” manages to complete the trail after countless attempts.

Stumbling Thru presents a mosaic of characters weaving in and out of each other’s lives and hiking adventures.

This novel also reads like an insider’s account of hiking the Appalachian Trail. It’s for hikers and non- EPUBhikers alike, whether you’re thinking of taking on the AT or just looking for an entertaining and engaging read. Like this book? Read online this: Sante Fe Trail Study for Tree in the Trail, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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